European Finance Association

50th Annual Meeting

Amsterdam, Netherlands 16-19 August 2023


With the conclusion of the 50th EFA Annual Meeting, we no longer issue Visa invitation letters.

The Netherlands is a member of the European Union (EU).  Generally, non-EU citizens need  a visa to stay in The Netherlands.  To find out whether or not you need a visa to visit The Netherlands,  visit this webpage.

Invitation Letter for Visa

If you need an invitation letters to obtain a visa, please send your request to  Below you find a boiler plate text that we will use for the letter.  Please make sure that you mention your name (as it appears on your passport) and your passport number in the email.


I herewith invite you, NAME with passport number NUMBER, to present your paper at the Annual Meeting of the European Finance Association. I will host this year’s edition at my university, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, which is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The conference will take place from Wednesday August 16, 2023, through Saturday August 19, 2023. You find more information on the conference at the following dedicated website:


We will print the text on letterhead, sign it, and send it to you via email.  Feel free to adapt the text to meet your needs.