European Finance Association

50th Annual Meeting

Amsterdam, Netherlands 16-19 August 2023

Thank you

The EFA 2023 officially ends and we take this opportunity to thank all of you for attending this special conference. We hope you enjoyed the conference as much as we did.  A special thank to all the parties who helped us to build this conference for their enthusiasm and motivation. We therefore want to thank track chairs, local committee members, reviewers, session chairs, authors, presenters, discussants, the Finance+Humor team and all participants. A special thanks to our partners for their continuous and generous support.


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Nobel laureates panel video

The video of the EFA 2023 discussion with Nobel laureates is online. You can view it on YouTube.

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Certificate of attendance

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You can view the photos of the conference on the EFA Flickr Account.

EFA 2023 Best Conference Paper Prize

Reducing Carbon using Regulatory and Financial Market Tools
by Franklin Allen, Adelina Barbalau, and Federica Zeni

The Engelbert Dockner Memorial Prize for the Best Paper by Young Researchers

The Dollar, US Fiscal Capacity and the US Safety Puzzle
Sun Yong Kim

EFA 2023 Best Poster Award

Investment, Uncertainty, and U-Shaped Return Volatilities
Kevin Schneider

2023 Pagano and Zechner Prize 

The Divergence of ESG Ratings
Florian Berg, Julian F. Kölbel, Roberto Rigobon

Runner Up
A Quarter Century of Mortgage Risk
by Morris A Davis, William D Larson, Stephen D Oliner, Benjamin R Smith

2023 IQAM Prize

How Does Human Capital Affect Investing? Evidence from University Endowments
Matteo Binfarè, Gregory Brown, Robert Harris, Christian Lundblad

Runner Up
Advertising Arbitrage
by Sergey Kovbasyuk, Marco Pagano

2023 Review of Finance Distinguished Referee Awards
  • Caroline Flammer
  • Dimitriy Muravyev
  • Daniel Weagly
EFA Doctoral Tutorial Best Paper Prize
  • Arm’s-length creditor rights and firm investment by Martin Kornejew
  • Cracks in the Boards: the Opportunity Cost of Governance Homogeneity by Helene Maghin

EFA 2023 Highlights

Semi-Centennial Gifts

To celebrate the 50th Annual Meeting, we have two gifts for the EFA community:

  1. A Nobel laureates panel.  Three Nobel laureates will be present at the EFA to discuss the next 50 years of research in financial economics.  
  2. A Finance+Humor program.  This program features two rising-star standup comedians from California who both have strong academic backgrounds. There are three activities:
    1. “Using Humor To Communicate Finance Ideas” workshop (Wednesday,16:30-18:15)
    2. “Explain It To a Comedian” research outreach interviews (Thursday and Friday, during the conference) | Apply here to get an interview spot.
    3. “Finance Meets Comedy”: A talk show (Saturday, 13:30-15:30)
Keynote Speaker

The Editor of the Journal of Finance, Professor Antoinette Schoar (MIT),  will give the keynote speech on Friday afternoon.

Networking Events

Participants can catch up with one another and broaden their network during the social events in the evening.

  • On Wednesday, EFA 2023 opens with a Welcome Reception at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
  • On Thursday, there is a Get Together reception at the local modern-art museum (Stedelijk), where you will also have private access to a new  exhibition: MODERN — Van GoghRietveldLéger, and others.
  • On Friday, there is  a Conference Dinner at the iconic Muziekgebouw.
EFA Travel Grant

The EFA will award a limited number of travel grants to PhD students to attend the conference.  The purpose of these grants is to offer students an opportunity to attend presentations and to get to know the community.  PhD students are invited to submit their application via the conference management system before the May 22, 2023 midnight Pacific time.

Saturday Tours

Just after the academic program finishes on Saturday, participants can join a Saturday afternoon tour.  These tours have been designed specifically for EFA participants by Toms Travel Tours.  For convenience, they will all leave from VU campus.  For more information on the tours and how to register for them, please visit this page.


EFA 2023

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is proud to organize the 50th Annual Meeting of the European Finance Association. The meeting will be held from 16 through 19 August, 2023.

Albert J. Menkveld
EFA 2023 Program Chair
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Local Organizing Team at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Heleen Helleman-Rommes
Sjahin Nouri
Debby S. Tielman

EFA Conference Manager
Laura Malinverno