European Finance Association

50th Annual Meeting

Amsterdam, Netherlands 16-19 August 2023


If you need childcare support while attending the EFA, consider using the services of Amsternannies.

Amsternannies has been informed about our conference.  They have set up a dedicated online form for EFA participants.  If booked at least two weeks in advance, they are able to accommodate your request almost surely.   Note that this is an external company and, therefore, not  affiliated with either the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam or the EFA.

Pricing & How to book

Please use the Amsternannies form at the link below to see the pricing and to submit your request.

Check pricing and Booking


Telephone: +31 (0)20-308 0003
Mobile:+31 (0)6 1458 5773
Email: info@amsternannies